Miracle-Ear Testimonial

Very Savvy Company!

Let me start off by mentioning that I never understood digital advertising. I've made many of investments with newspapers and never saw a return on my dollar invested. All I heard when I got my reports were "CTR"! What does that mean? It was explained that is a click through rate. Looked like a good number but I did not see anything ring on my registers.
Green Light Advertising approached me about direct marketing / inbound marketing. I did not get it until the presentation. They mentioned, they are lead generators and do much more. I liked the fact about lead generation. So I decided to take that gamble. I made my investment and to date it came back 40:1 meaning my investment was small and to date with their campaigns still running I've earned over 250k in profits!!!!!!!!!
Joseph Rodriguez, takes the time to spend with me monthly to discuss where my advertising dollars are going and mostly he gets me to understand digital more and more. He is not selling me clicks, he's getting me leads and my registers are ringing!
My current marketing campaign with Green Light Advertising consists of Google Ad Words, Facebook/Instagram Advertising, Live Chat Leads, Call Tracking Phone Number, Landing Pages, Banner advertising targeted by my desired demographics. All the campaigns that are set here are targeting my demographics. The beauty about this program is that I do not feel as I hired a marketing company, I've found my marketing department. Every morning I have leads!!!! Thank you Green Light Advertising!
Frank J. Salgado
Please feel free to reach out to me at my Miracle-Ear locations.

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